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Practicing medicine for more than 35 years

Attentive Medical Care for Patients of All Ages

Maintaining one's health is a task that each person undertakes throughout his or her lifetime. To ensure that you remain healthy, it's important to work with a qualified medical practice. No matter your age or condition, First Coast Medical Group is here to help you live a healthy life and maintain good eating habits. We perform routine physicals for children, women, and seniors, and we offer practical guidance on losing weight and proper nutrition.

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In addition to standard care, we provide pain management services. Suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis not only decreases your ability to concentrate and perform certain tasks, but also affects your level of happiness. Minimize the amount of discomfort you experience every day with our customized pain management plans. To find out more about our health services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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First Coast Medical Group of Professionals

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At First Coast Medical Group, we have been practicing medicine for more than 35 years in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. Our team includes James B. O'Reilly, MD; Maria A. Thomas, MD; Kyle J. Stephenson, MD; and Jessica B. Johnson, MD. All of our highly trained, experienced doctors understand the importance of an excellent bedside manner, and they will always treat you with compassion and understanding. Our primary goal is to help all of our wonderful patients feel better every day. We hope you will give us the honor of serving you.

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Manish Chopra, MD

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